About Us

Welcome to the Dental Sleep Medicine Center for Snoring and Sleep Apnea. At our state of the art practice, we specialize in all aspects of sleep disorders – what causes them and how to best treat them. Sleep is a crucial part of a happy, healthy life, while sleep deprivation can have very negative physical, mental and emotional effects on the human body.

Sleep disorders such as sleep apnea, narcolepsy, snoring and restless leg syndrome can rob you of the rest that is necessary to function properly, and this lack of sleep may result in serious health issues such as high blood pressure, heart attacks and strokes. Additional effects are the inability to focus and concentrate, depression, headaches, weight gain, loss of libido and safety hazards. Sleep deprivation and the feeling of always being tired will eventually have a negative affect on one’s performance at work or school and can harm personal relationships.

At our office, we take the time with each and every patient, to diagnose the underlying cause of the sleep problem and to devise a personalized treatment plan that will resolve the issues. This treatment may involve an oral appliance, CPAP machine or as a last resort – a surgical procedure. Don’t let sleep disorders ruin your life. Call today for a consultation, so that we can help you start sleeping again!


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