Burning Mouth Syndrome

Dr. Rosenthal is an expert on burning mouth syndrome (BMS). This condition causes pain that can last for months, sometimes years. The pain is often described as a burning, scalding or tingling sensation. It can affect the entire mouth: roof, tongue and lips. The pain may be constant or increase as your day progresses. Sometimes, eating or drinking will reduce pain. Dry mouth and altered taste may also occur.

The cause is often an underlying medical problem, such as hormonal changes, allergies, dry mouth, reaction to medicine, vitamin deficiencies, mouth infection or acid reflux. Sometimes, however, there is no obvious medical reason; in such cases, most experts believe the symptoms become present due to nerve damage.

Medication may be prescribed to relieve your pain and dry mouth. Each treatment will depend upon the case and specific cause of the symptoms.

Those with symptoms of burning mouth syndrome should stay away from anything that may irritate the mouth further, such as tobacco, spicy foods, alcohol, mouthwash containing alcohol and products that are high in acidity.


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