Some Useful Information for TMJ Manhattan Beach Patients

The dysfunction of TMJ or Temporomandibular Joints refers to a condition of imbalance

in relationship between the skull and jaw. This is generally caused by improper

alignment of the TMJs connecting the two bones. A disharmony is also created in the

muscles that are attached to different these bones. A series of painful symptoms arises

out of this dysfunctional condition.

The most common reason for TMJ dysfunction is malocclusion or bad bites. Excessive

grinding or clenching of the teeth, bites developing out of abnormal teeth alignment, and

different traumatic injuries are the top reasons for malocclusion. A number of TMJ

Manhattan Beach patients suffer from different symptoms of TMJ like facial pain,

headaches, hearing loss, limited jaw movement, jaw clicking, shoulder and neck pain,

and many more.

Many blood vessels and nerves leading to different areas of the neck and head are

found around the Temporomandibular Joints. Excessive pressure is exerted on these

blood vessels and nerves due to a misalignment of jaws and TMJ. As a result, severe

pain is experienced by the patients in shoulder, neck, and head. Pain can also be

caused as a result of disturbance of balance of the jaw and skull muscles. Disturbance

of the optimal jaw positioning causes muscle fatigue, spasm, and severe pain.

The good news is that there are plenty of TMJ Manhattan Beach treatment options for

patients suffering from this problem. The initial stage of treatment involves diagnosis

and addressing the discomfort caused by muscle spasms and pain. The patients are

often advised to wear specially designed appliances to determine the best possible bite

position for the TMJ of the patient. After finding the ideal position, it is possible to

maintain it permanently through different treatment approaches depending on the

condition of the patient.

Equilibration or Coronoplasty is one of the most common TMJ Manhattan Beach

treatment options administered by the specialists. The process of Coronoplasty refers to

reshaping and smoothening of the teeth enamel for bite correction. This is an

uncomplicated procedure that requires no anesthesia and is the best option for slightly

misaligned bites.

Removable Overlay Partials are removable and permanent appliances that are placed

over the back of the teeth for maintaining the proper alignment of the bite.

Reconstruction is another TMJ Manhattan Beach treatment approach that involves

usage of crowns for placing the teeth higher. Reconstruction provides the required

structural support for permanent realignment of bites. Braces can also be used to move

healthy teeth to the optimal position.


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